Sheet Music:
Glendale Community College (AZ), 2017

In May 2017, I received an email via this website from a gentleman named Doug Nottingham, inquiring about obtaining performance rights and a score for “Sheet Music.” My initial reaction was that this was someone playing a prank on me. Of all the musical projects I have been involved with over the past 40+ years, “Sheet Music” seemed the least likely to be revived, not because it was without musical value (I'll leave that question for the listener to decide), but because it was so very much a product of its time and place (1975–76, San Francisco) and of the particular people involved. But Doug, who directs the percussion ensemble at Glendale Community College, near Phoenix, AZ, was serious. So I told him how to build the instrument (“The Metálkonk”) and gave him the “score” (just a simple set of verbal instructions), and lo, in the fullness of time a new Metálkonk was built and the opening and closing movements of “Sheet Music” (viewable below) were performed by the GCC Percussion Ensemble in November 2017, along with two of my minimalist pieces from the same period.

You can read a more detailed history of “Sheet Music” on this page.

Sheet Music, Part 1: “Paella”

Sheet Music, Part 5: “Five Solos”