This section contains information about my interests other than my own music and writing. At present, it consists mostly of off-site links.

Other David Dotys

There are quite a few other David Dotys on the web (though fewer with the middle inital "B"). I'm not any of these guys:

Environmental and Social Justice Organizations

Over the years, I have been a member and/or supporter of these worthy organizations; perhaps you could support them as well.

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Other Other

  1. My wife, poet, scholar, artist Marina LaPalma (I designed and coded her website).
  2. I waste a lot of time on The Well (the Colonial Williamsburg of the Internet).
  3. I am a member of American Composers Forum.
  4. The Official Site of Daniel Pinkwater, an underappreciated genius of the twentieth century (and perhaps the twenty-first).
  5. A site devoted to Harry Oliver and the Desert Rat Scrap Book
    (if you have to ask …)
  6. The writings of the late Richard Mitchell, The Underground Grammarian.
  7. The current weather in Santa Fe, NM, where I recently moved after 35 years in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    Click for Santa Fe, New Mexico Forecast