1/1: the Journal of the Just Intonation Network: Complete Author Index, 1985–2007

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Alrich, Alexis
Book Review: Lou Harrison, Composing a World by Leta E. Miller and Fredric A. Lieberman
Volume 10, Number 3, p. 2

——CD Review: Lou Harrison: Complete Harpsichord Works, Music for Tack Piano and Fortepiano, peformed by Linda Burman-Hall
Volume 11, Number 3, p.26

Alves, William
CD Review: David B. Doty—Uncommon Practice: Selected Compositions 1984–1995
Volume 10, Number 3, p. 16

——CD Review: Terry Riley—Imbas Forsnai: Chanting the Light of Foresight
Volume 9, Number 2, p.14

——The Journey of Light and Darkness in Toby Twining's Chrysalid Requiem
Volume 11, Number 3, p.1

——The Just Intonation System of Nicola Vicentino
Volume 5, Number 2, p.8

——Key Characteristics and Pitch Sets in Composing with Just Intonation
Volume 6, Number 3, p.1

——Pleng: Composing for a Justly Tuned Gender Barung
Volume 9, Number 4, p.1

Anderson, Carola B.
Glen Branca and the Harmonic Series
Volume 1, Number 1, p.4

——The Trouble with Didymus
Volume 1, Number 3, p.1

Arnautoff, Phillip
A Few Observations with Respect to the Canon's Tuning for Soliloquy
Volume 12, Number 1, p. 1

Ayers, Lydia
CD Review: Ellen Fullman— Body Music
Volume 9, Number 2, p.2

——CD Review: Just West Coast
Volume 9, Number 1, p.14

——CD Review: Enclosure Two: Historic Speech Music Recordings from the Harry Partch Archives
Volume 9, Number 4, p.14

——The Chinese Connection: Harry Partch and the Li Po Settings
Volume 9, Number 2, p.1

——Improvising with Tunings: Themes and Improvisations for Woodstock Gamelan
Volume 10, Number 2, p.1

——Video Review: Enclosure Two: Four Historic Art Films by Madeline Tourtelot with Music by Harry Partch
Volume 9, Number 4, p.12


Burt, Warren
Adventures in Scale Generation Along a Wilsonian Path
(Part 1) Volume 9, Number 3, p. 1; (Part 2) Volume 10, Number 1, p. 4

——Book Review: “Maximum Clarity” and Other Writings on Music, by Ben Johnston, ed. Bob Gilmore
Volume 12, Number 3, p. 29

——Book Review: Sound and Light: La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, ed. William Duckworth and Richard Fleming
Volume 10, Number 2, p. 2

——CD Review: Four from the East—Microtonal CDs from New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire (music by Harry Partch, Dean Drummond, Jon Catler, Michael Harrison, and Larry Polansky)
Volume 11, Number 2, p. 14

——CD Review: Mamoru Fujieda—The Night Chant; Patterns of Plants
Volume 10, Number 3, p. 17

——An Interesting Group of Combination-Product Sets Produces Some Very Nice Dissonances
Volume 9, Number 1, p. 1


Canright, David
Book Review: Divisions of the Tetrachord, by John H. Chalmers, Jr.
Volume 8, Number 3, p. 16

——CD Review: John Schneider: Just Guitars. Bridge 9132.
Volume 11, Number 4, p. 21

——CD Review: Lou Harrison, Music for Guitar and Percussion
Volume 7, Number 3, p.2

——Fibonacci Gamelan Rhythms
Volume 6, Number 4, p.4

——Fret Choices for Just Intonation Guitars (or Fretting About Fretting)
Volume 10, Number 3, p. 18

——Harmonic-Melodic Diagrams
Volume 4, Number 2, p.1

——A Justly-Tuned Guitar
Volume 2, Number 2, p.8

——On Piano Retuning
Volume 1, Number 4, p.10

——Pentatonics I Have Known
Volume 1, Number 2, p.1

——Performance Review: Concert in Celebration of the Chrysalis New Music Studio—Instruments and Music by Cris Forster
Volume 11, Number 4, p. 19

——Rational Notation
Volume 1, Number 1, p.8

——Superparticular Pentatonics
Volume 9, Number 1 p.10

——A Tour Up the Harmonic Series
Volume 3, Number 3, p.8

Carl, Robert
CD Review: Ben Johnston—String Quartets Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 9, performed by the Kepler Quartet
Volume 12, Number 3, p. 30

Catler, Jon
Over and Under: The 13 Limit
Volume 3, Number 3, p. 4

Chalmers, John H., Jr.
An Anticipation of the Partch Diamond in Augosto Navarro's Systema Natural Base del Natural-Aproximado (1927)
Volume 8, Number 2, p. 9

——Book Review: Mathematical Models of Musical Scales—A New Approach, by Mark Lindley and Ronald Turner-Smith
Volume 9, Number 1, p.2

——Book Review: The Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Scales, by Easly Blackwood
Volume 4, Number 3, p.4

——Book Reviews: Ancient Greek Music, by M.L. West, and Greek Musical Writings, Volume II, by Andrew Baker
Volume 8, Number 3, p. 2

——A Compendium of Twelve-tone Scales in Five-limit Just Intonation
Volume 7, Number 4, p.4

——Harmonic and Subharmonic Versions of Kathleen Schlesinger's Harmoniai
Volume 7, Number 3, p.4

Volume 4, Number 3, p.12

——Third Coast New Music Project
Volume 4, Number 3, p.15

——Tritriadic Transformations
Volume 3, Number 1, p.1

——The Wayward: Harry Partch at UCSD
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 20

Clark, Carrie Starr
Just Intonation in the Kirana Vocal Tradition
Volume 5, Number 3, p.1

——Just Intonation Network News; (Remembering Prandit Pran Nath)
Volume 9, Number 3, p. 16

Curtin, Steve
Software Review: World Music Menu
Volume 9, Number 4, p.2


Doty, David B.
An Abundance of Thirds
Volume 4, Number 2, p.4

——Anomalous Pairs in "Paradigms Lost"
Volume 5, Number 1, p.4

——An Assortment of Commas (and Other Irritants) (chart)
Volume 2, Number 1, p.13

——Book Review: The Nature of Music, by Jon Catler
Volume 12, Number 1, p. 18

——Book Review: Pitch, Pi, and Other Musical Paradoxes, by Charles Lucy
Volume 5, Number 3, p.2

——CD Review: Lou Harrison—The Louisville Orchestra. First Edition Music FECD-0014. Suite for Symphonic Strings, Strict Songs I–V for Eight Baritones and Orchestra. The Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney, conductor, with members of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Choir
Volume 11, Number 4, p. 22

——The DX7 II: A First Look
Volume 3, Number 4, p.11

Volume 1, Number 1, p.2

——From the Editor—A Response to Julia Werntz
Volume 11, Number 2, p. 2

——From the Editor—Bay Area Performance Series to Mark Network's Twentieth Anniversary
Volume 11, Number 4, p. 2

——From the Editor—Harry Partch and the Just Intonation Network
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 2

——From the Editor—The Last 1/1? It's Up to You!
Volume 12, Number 2, p. 2

——From the Editor—Microfest 2001 and Other Matters
Volume 10, Number 4, p. 2

——From the Editor—On Tuning Theory and False Reification
Volume 11, Number 1, p. 2

——From the Editor—State of the Network, January 1994
Volume 8, Number 2, p. 2

——From the Editor—Twentieth Anniversary Concert Series Calendar
Volume 12, Number 1, p. 2

——The La Monte Young Interview
Part 1: Volume 5, Number 4, p.1
——Part Two: Volume 6, Number 1, p.8

——The Lou Harrison Interview
Volume 3, Number 2, p.1

——Meaty MIDI Meeting
Volume 4, Number 4, p.15

——Microtonal Resources of the Seven Limit
Volume 6, Number 1, p.1

——Microtones in "Bodhisattvas in Berkeley"
Volume 10, Number 4, p.13

——Pitch, Pi... Revisited
Volume 5, Number 4, p.2

——A Response to Harold Waage
Volume 7, Number 4, p.2

——A Response to Siemen Terpstra's "Notation"
Volume 8, Number 3, p. 18

——The Subharmonic Question
Volume 2, Number 1, p.1

——Toward Standard Definitions
Volume 2, Number 2, p.2

——Tutorial: Part One
Volume 1, Number 2, p.6

——Tutorial: Part Two
Volume 1, Number 3, p.2

——Tutorial: Part Three
Volume 2, Number 2, p.6

——Tutorial: Part Four (The Nine-Tone Diatonic Scale)
Volume 3, Number 1, p.2

——Two Theories of Melodic Intonation
Volume 7, Number 4, p.1

Drummond, Dean
On Newband and the Partch Instruments
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 14

Dudon, Jacques
Differential Coherence
Volume 11, Number 2, p. 1

——Musiques Harmoniques
Volume 5, Number 3, p.10

——Seven-limit Slendro Mutations
Volume 8, Number 2, p. 1

Duncan, Dudley
Notes and Commas (letter)
Volume 3, Number 3, p.2

——The Ptolemaic Antinomy
Volume 8, Number 1, p. 5

——Septimal Harmony for the Blues
Volume 5, Number 2, p.4

——Why Superparticular?
Volume 8, Number 1, p. 1


Erickson, Ron
Book Review: The Music of James Tenney
Volume 1, Number 3, p.4


Fischer, Andrew
Book Review: Tuning In, by Scott Wilkinson
Volume 4, Number 4, p.2

——Record Review: Lou Harrison's Piano Concerto
Volume 5, Number 1, p.2

——Record Reviews: New Releases: Riley and Hykes
Volume 2, Number 4, p.2

Fonville, John
CD Review: Larry Polansky— Simple Harmonic Motion
Volume 9, Number 1, p.16

——Harmonic Resources of Extended Just Intonation
Volume 7, Number 2, p.1

Frantz, Glen
Composing in Scaleless Space
Volume 4, Number 1, p.1

——A Scaleless Sequencer
Volume 6, Number 3, p.4


Gann, Kyle
Glimpses of a Musical Future in Ben Johnston's Fourth Quartet
Volume 12, Number 3, p. 23

——A Whole Different Serving of Tapioca: Exploring Just Intonation Dissonance
Volume 11, Number 1, p. 1

Garland, Peter
Book Review: Bitter Music: Collected Journals, Essays, Introductions, and Librettos of Harry Partch. Ed. Thomas McGeary
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 16

Gibbens, John Jeffrey
Ben Johnston’s Sonnets of Desolation: Facts, Materials, Ideas, Context
Volume 12, Number 3, p. 16

Gilmore, Bob
A European Perspective on Partch
Volume 2, Number 1, p.4

——Record Review: Revelation in the Courthouse Park
Volume 6, Number 3, p.2

Grady, Kraig
Ervin Wilson's Hexany
Volume 7, Number 1, p.8

Green, Edward
Just How Radical was Harry Partch?: A Consideration of "The Long-Departed Lover" in the Light of Traditional Techniques of Songwriting
Volume 12, Number 2, p. 16


Harrison, Lou
Blessed Be Translators, for They Give Us Worlds
Volume 7, Number 1, p.6

Volume 5, Number 2, p.1

——Microfest 2001 Keynote Address
Volume 10, Number 4, p.1

Henry, Norman
A Justly-Tuned Harpsichord
Volume 1, Number 4, p.7

——An Open Letter
Volume 2, Number 1, p.2

Hill, Ralph David
An Example of the 48:49 Sixth-tone Step
Volume 4, Number 4, p.14

——Study in Whole Tones in Two Parts
Volume 5, Number 2, p.6

Horton, Jim
Horton Hears a Whole Number Ratio
Volume 2, Number 2, p.1


Jensen, Marc
Just Intonation and the Frequencies of DNA: the Music of Susan Alexjander
Volume 11, Number 4, p. 9

Johnston, Ben
Just Intonation and Mere Intonation
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 18

——Microfest 2006 Keynote Speech
Volume 12, Number 3, p. 1

——On Extended Just Intonation
Volume 7, Number 1, p. 6

——Rational Structure in Music
Part One, Volume 2, Number 3, p.12
——Part Two, Volume 2, Number 4, p.12

Jones, Robert W.
Tuning the Macintosh
Volume 2, Number 1, p.6


Leedy, Douglas
A Note on John Curwen, His Tonic Sol-Fa System, and Just Intonation
Volume 11, Number 2, p. 4

——The Persistence of Just Intonation in Western Musical Practice
Part One, Volume 11, Number 4, p. 12
——Part Two, Volume 12, Number 1, p. 4

Lord, Richard H.
Tuning the Ensoniq Mirage
Volume 3, Number 4, p.1

Ludlow, Lynn
Notes from a Semi-incompetent Performer on the Surrogate Kithara (1953)
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 21


Massey, James G.
Creating an Acoustic Ensemble
Volume 4, Number 4, p.8

Maxwell, Miles
Heavenly Harmony
Volume 2, Number 3, p.1

McCrosky, Sandy
Dream Analysis
Volume 8, Number 3, p. 12

Mitra, Amit
In Search of Twenty-Two Shrutis
Volume 12, Number 2, p. 3

Mohr, W. David
"Five": A Tuning Exercise
Volume 6, Number 3, p.10

Monteith, Alison
Just Intonation and Music for Theatre
Volume 11, Number 4, p. 1

Morrison, Gary Roy
A Quick Excursion into Octave-Repeating Harmonic Series-Based Scales
Volume 1, Number 2, p.8


Oldani, Norbert L.
Classical Techniques Revisited
Volume 6, Number 2, p.11


Polansky, Larry
II–V–I (Score)
Volume 10, Number 2, p.19

——Canon for Flute (Score)
Volume 6, Number 2, p.5

——Confessions of a Lousy Carpenter
Volume 1, Number 1, p.1

——Guest Editorial
Volume 1, Number 2, p.2

——The HMSL Intonation Environment
Volume 3, Number 1. p.4

——Notes on "Piano Study No. 5 for JPR"
Volume 1, Number 4, p. 14

——Notes on Will You Miss Me
Volume 12, Number 3, p. 27

Puliot, Stephen
Remembering Harry
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 23


Rapoport, Paul
Just Inton(ot)ation
Volume 7, Number 1, p.1

——(K)no(w) More Notation
Volume 9, Number 2, p.4

Rasch, Rudolf
The Theories of Adriaan Fokker Part One: Volume 4, Number 1, p.4;
——Part Two: Volume 4, Number 2, p.6

Raskin, Jef
Recollections of Harry Partch
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 24

Rayna, David
Two Special Keyboard Projects
Volume 2, Number 3, p.4

Reinhard, Johnny
Volume 3, Number 3, p.6

——Schoenberg's Conception of Tonality
Reinhard, Johnny. Volume 5, Number 3, p.4

Rich, Robert
Ensoniq EPS: A New Toy in Town
Volume 4, Number 3, p.2

——Features of Tunable MIDI Synthesizers
Volume 8, Number 1, p. 11

——Harmonic Scales for Guitar
Volume 3, Number 1, p.13

——A Just Intonation Calculator
Volume 4, Number 4, p.4

——Tuning and Transposition on the Prophet Five
Volume 1, Number 4, p.4

Rosenboom, David
In the Beginning: Etude I (Trombones) (score)
Volume 1, Number 3, p.8

Rosenthal, Henry S.
Book Review: The Science of Musical Sound
Volume 1, Number 2, p.4

Rush, Loren, Janice Mattox, and Alfred Owens
The Enhanced Piano
Volume 8, Number 2, p. 16


Schneider, John
Bringing Back Barstow
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 4

——Editor's Message — Ben Johnston at Eighty
Volume 12, Number 3, p. 2

——A History of the Just Guitar
Volume 7, Number 3, p. 11

Scholz, Carter
CD Reviews: Jim Horton—Simulated Winds and Cries, and Jacques Duduon—Lumieres Audibles
Volume 9, Number 4, p.14

——The E! Evaluation
Volume 3, Number 4, p.2

——The MIDI Tuning Dump Standard (version 0.03)
Volume 5, Number 3, p.8

——A Program to Calculate Ratios
Volume 4, Number 2, p.12

——Tuning and the Ensoniq EPS
Volume 5, Number 4, p.4

Schulter, Margo
JOT-17: A Just Thirdtone System for Neomedieval Music
Volume 11, Number 3, p.10

—— Ugolino's "Intelligent Organist" and the Seventeen Note Octave (Part I: the Medieval Background
Volume 10, Number 3, p. 1

——Ugolino's "Intelligent Organist" and the Seventeen Note Octave (Part II: Ugolino and the Early Fifteenth Century)
Volume 11, Number 1, p. 8

Schwartz, Stephen
Harry Partch in the Secret History of the West Coast
Volume 8, Number 4, p. 22

Siegel, Jules
Algorithmic Tuning Via MIDI
Volume 3, Number 4, p.6

——The Emancipation of the Higher Harmonic
Volume 6, Number 2, p.1

——Emu Proteus for Just Intonation
Volume 6, Number 2, p.14

——Totally Dynamic Tuning Using MIDI Pitchbend
Volume 8, Number 2, p. 11

Silverman, Adam B.
Styles of Consonance/Dissonance Control in the Music of Ben Johnston
Volume 9, Number 3, p. 5

——Transcriptions/Translations of the Music of Harry Partch
Volume 9, Number 3, p. 14

Sims, Ezra
A 72-tone Just Computer System
Volume 5, Number 1, p.1

Sloper, Michael
Aliquot Scales
Volume 4, Number 1, p.6

——CD Review: NEWBAND: Microtonal Works #2
Volume 9, Number 1, p.17

Smith, Tim
Book Review: The Grammar of South Indian (Karnatic) Music by C. Subrahmanya Ayyar
Volume 4, Number 2, p.2

——Record Review: Unesco Collection: A Musical Anthology of the Orient. INDIA III Dhrupad's Moinuddin & Aminuddin Dagar Vocal
Smith, Tim. Volume 4, Number 2, p.2

Sohl, Norman
Mapping Tonality
Volume 2, Number 4, p. 1

Stahnke, Manfred
A Salute to Ben Johnston
Volume 12, Number 3, p. 25


Terpstra, Siemen, W.D. Mohr, and David B. Doty
Correspondence (concerning W.D. Mohr's "Five")
Volume 7, Number 2, p.2

——Means to Music
Volume 4, Number 1, p.11

——More Notes on Notation
Volume 8, Number 3, p. 1

——The Octave Law and Natural Resonances
Volume 2, Number 2, p.4

——A Short History of Just Intonation Tuning Culture
(Part 1) Volume 10, Number 1, p. 1; (Part 2) Volume 10, Number 2, p.9

——A Simplified Tuning Procedure for Strings
Volume 4, Number 3, p.6


Waage, Harold
Anomalies in Chords Derived from Chains of Thirds
Volume 4, Number 3, p.1

——The Intelligent Keyboard
Volume 1, Number 4, p.1

——A Keyboard Game of "Expansion-Contraction"
Volume 9, Number 3, p. 4

——Liberation for the Scale Bound Consonance
Volume 7, Number 3, p.1

Wilson, Erv
Partch's Scale on the Bosanquet Generalized Keyboard (chart)
Volume 1, Number 4, p.2

Wold, Erling
It was in the Summer that I first noticed your hair, your face, your eyelids (score)
Volume 6, Number 4, p.1

——Music of Love and Beyond
Volume 4, Number 4, p.1

——Report: American Festival of Microtonal Music
Volume 7, Number 1, p.2

Wolf, Daniel J.
Four Tunings for Sound Environments
Volume 6, Number 3, p.12

——Book Review—The Music of Lou Harrison
Volume 9, Number 3, p. 2

——Correspondence—More about Notation
Volume 9, Number 3, p. 15


Young, La Monte
Notes on The Well-Tuned Piano
Volume 3, Number 3, p.1

——The Romantic Symmetry in Prime Time
Volume 5, Number 4, p.6