All of the material on this CD was produced using a Yamaha DX7 II FM synthesizer, two Yamaha TX802 FM sound modules, and an Ensoniq ASR10 sampler. These instruments were chosen primarily for their ability to store a sufficient number of user-programmed tunings and to select those tunings under software control (a property that is still not nearly as common, or, where it exists, as well implemented, as it should be). An Alesis D4 drum sound module is heard on "Fake Greek Music," "Fake Irish Music," and "Paradigms Lost." These devices were controlled by an Atari 1040ST computer, running Dr. T's Keyboard Controlled Sequencer (KCS) Level II and T.I.G.ER. All parts in all compositions were sequenced and laboriously edited. Nothing was performed in real time. The results were recorded on an Alesis ADAT-XT in my home studio during the winter and spring of 1998 and mastered by Robert Rich at Soundscape Productions in November 1998.

The technology used did not dictate the structure or style of the music except in making it possible to use tunings that would otherwise have been difficult to realize and ensembles of instruments that would have been costly and difficult to assemble. This is music that, in the best of all possible worlds, might be performed on acoustic instruments by highly skilled performers.

The Legal Stuff

All selections © 1984–1998 and (P)1998 David B. Doty. All selections published by Pilker Music, BMI. Cover and booklet art and design by the composer. All content and design of this web site is © 1999, David B. Doty


Thanks to Henry Rosenthal for the use of his Moeck recorders, samples of which are used in several pieces, to Andy Fischer, for the use of his hand drums, one of which is heard on "Fake Irish Music," and to Carter Scholz for the Javanese kendang samples that are used on "Dithyramb."

In addition to those who were directly involved in the creation of this CD, I want to thank those who have in one way or another supported and encouraged my compositional activities over the past twenty-eight years. In roughly chronological order: Sue Ellen Case, Reed Gilchrist, the many members of Other Music, but especially Carola Anderson, Andrew Fischer, Henry Rosenthal, and Dale Soules; Lou Harrison, and Dudley Duncan.